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Real estate

Keep your eye on sustainability

Richard Hamilton-Grey
Head of Sustainability, Europe
Mark Cameron
Head of Sustainability, Asia Pacific
Exterior view of a sustainable building with greenery

The economic outlook for the next few months is going to be a challenge across the board. However, due to existing long-term commitments being made from real estate managers and investors as well as increasing regulation, the industry is not going to push pause on sustainable investment.

In this article, PERE speaks with the global sustainability team at Nuveen Real Estate to understand how the momentum around ESG and net zero carbon will play out in a likely challenging 2023 environment with tighter returns and rising interest rates. The following questions are also discussed:

  1. Which sectors and markets are best positioned for net zero carbon?
  2. How does Nuveen use ESG performance data to driver better investment decisions?
  3. What role can real estate debt play in the net zero carbon transition?
  4. What regional differences do you see across your global real estate portfolio in terms of market and regulatory environment?

We see strong evidence of market expectations changing as environmental issues move up the political agenda.

Richard Hamilton-Grey, Head of Sustainability, Europe

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