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Nuveen releases inaugural alignment with IFC Operating Principles for Impact Management

Nuveen has released its first public statement of alignment with the International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) Operating Principles for Impact Management. The firm’s alignment was independently verified by Tideline, a specialist consulting firm.

The Principles for Impact Management were designed to promote transparency within the growing impact investment discipline. Impact investing is an approach to investment management that seeks to demonstrate direct and measurable outcomes on environmental and social issues while delivering competitive returns to investors. Signatories must publish statements demonstrating how they adhere to the Principles. These statements provide a new level of insight into the methods investor managers use to achieve their impact goals over time. 

With a focus on responsible investing for over five decades, Nuveen is committed to managing 100% of its investment platform in accordance with the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment in 2019. Its alignment to the IFC’s Operating Principles for Impact Management was a natural progression for the firm which manages over $5.5 billion in public and private markets impact investing strategies.

“We are fully committed to measuring and managing the social and environmental impact of our investments across asset classes,” said Amy O’Brien , global head of responsible investing at Nuveen. “Investors are the real winners here. Greater transparency across asset managers will give them the tools necessary to distinguish investment options with genuine impact from those that are impact in name only.”

Nuveen’s impact investing strategies span fixed income, private equity and real estate and center on advancing outcomes within six major themes that are related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, including:
  • Affordable housing
  • Inclusive growth
  • Resource efficiency
  • Community and economic development
  • Renewable energy and climate change
  • Natural Resources
Nuveen’s statement of alignment to the IFC’s Operating Principles for Impact Management can be viewed here.
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