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Decarbonizing buildings

Ted Maa
Managing Director, Private Equity Impact Investing
Pete Murphy
Senior Director, Head of ESG and Impact
Tree reflections off of glass buildings

The built environment, which is responsible for close to 40% of global GHG emissions, is under pressure from increasingly stringent regulations as well as shifting consumer sentiment, requiring building owners and managers to consider the current and future climate attributes of their assets.1 Over the last 5 years, owners of institutionally owned real estate (including Nuveen) have voluntarily committed to a net zero target, signing up for an emission reduction pathway 15-30 years in the future – creating a massive long term market opportunity for private equity investors seeking to drive the built environment’s transition to a low carbon economy, fund solutions that drive equity, and drive environmental, social and financial returns for investors. 

Ted Maa and Pete Murphy, on Nuveen’s Private Equity Impact Investing team, examine the commercial opportunities these trends uncover, and the opportunity for private equity investors to back companies that can help building operators to meet these needs. 


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