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Think EQuilibrium

How do you compare to your peers on your ESG journey?

Your ESG journey - chart showing where you rank

In late 2021, we conducted our Think EQuilibrium study of 700 institutional asset owners across more than 20 countries to gauge their beliefs and actions around ESG integration, climate risk, social investing and diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I).

We invite you to explore how your views and actions compare to your peers. Take a three-minute abridged version of the survey to find out.

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1. Where is your organization currently located?
2. Which of the following best describes the type of institutional assets your organization oversees?

ESG tactics/milestones

The ESG journey is different for every organization. The following lists general milestones and tactics in this journey. Please indicate where your organization is in its efforts for each of the following.

1. ESG objectives defined (investment, philosophical, etc.)
2. ESG implementation strategy (to support objectives/priorities)
3. Integration of ESG factors into investment processes


This section explores investors’ views on climate risk. Climate risk refers to the potential investment risk due to climate change, a transition to a carbon-neutral economy, etc.

Based on the list below, please indicate the level of priority for supporting your organization’s climate objectives in the next two years:

1. Defining objectives and a roadmap
2. Setting targets
3. Transition risk assessment

Social Investing

This section explores the “S” in ESG – social investing. This includes investments that identify a specific social outcome, such as affordable housing, or have a specific social impact or target identified, such as companies with a diverse leadership target.

1. Does your organization currently invest or plan to invest in social investments in the next two years?
2. Is your organization invested in, or will consider investing in, community infrastructure projects addressing inequalities over the next two years (resources, access, etc. )?
3. Is your organization invested in, or will consider investing in, investments focused on diversity/inclusion efforts (such as minority-owned business or funds focused on diversity/inclusion efforts)?

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The following section explores diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) considerations. DE&I refers to: the DIVERSITY of people, thought and perspectives; EQUITY is the fair treatment of all plus the identification and elimination of inequities and barriers; INCLUSION means creating an environment where employees feel valued, respected and encouraged to fully participate and contribute to success.

1. How do DE&I metrics influence the selection of investment management partners, such as asset managers and/or consultants ? (Metrics, for example, refer to ability to share DE&I data, practices in place and evidence of progress.) Please select one:
Please indicate how your organization is engaging with the following:

2. Accountability: Building accountability internally and with partners to drive progress (sign on to commitment goals, lead for change, etc.)
3. Boards/committees: Setting DE&I inclusion/membership goals for internal boards/committees

(Please note that no personal information is required)



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