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Impact investing: the insurance experience

Think EQ impact for insurers

Perspectives on impact investing in institutional portfolios

Institutional investors are at varying stages of their journeys when it comes to making an environmental and social impact with their investments. European investors’ collective leadership in these areas has been widely publicized, but differences exist across asset owner types, as well.

Nuveen’s 2022 EQuilibrium survey of institutional investors globally showed that insurance companies in every region surveyed are more focused on the environmental and social impacts of their investments than their corporate and government pension fund counterparts.

To learn more about how insurance companies are approaching impact investing, we spoke with Nick Liolis, the chief investment officer of TIAA’s nearly $300 billion1 General Account, and Amy O’Brien, the global head of responsible investing at TIAA’s asset manager, Nuveen.

Key themes discussed include:

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Impact investing
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Effective 15 January, 2023 Emilia Wiener succeeded Nick Liolis as Chief Investment Officer of the TIAA General Account. The content herein continues to reflect the views of TIAA, Nuveen and the TIAA General Account.

1 As of June 30, 2022.

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