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Private real assets

The power of private real assets

Gwen Busby
Head of Research and Strategy, Nuveen Natural Capital
Donald Hall
Global Head of Research, Real Estate
Justin "Biff" Ourso
Head of Global Infrastructure
The power of private real assets

Private real assets are a powerful tool for institutional investors. Our latest research demonstrates private real assets’ potential to deliver uncorrelated returns, making them a key element for diversifying portfolio risk. They can also play a role in tackling some of the big issues investors currently face, particularly the increasingly inflationary environment and growing demand for sustainable investments.

Surging energy and food prices, coupled with labor shortages in many developed economies are fueling inflation pressures, leaving investors grappling with higher rates and continued economic uncertainty. Real assets can help given they offer a combination of inflation-hedging and defensive properties, and our analysis shows how adding them to a traditional portfolio can reduce volatility while achieving compelling returns.

We also consider how real assets can incorporate responsible investing practices and help investors achieve their responsible investment goals.


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