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Alexandra Cooley

  • CIO & Co-founder, Nuveen Green Capital

About Alexandra Cooley

Alexandra “Ali” Cooley is an entrepreneur focused on financial innovation to scale the adoption of clean energy. As the co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of Greenworks Lending by Nuveen, Ali leads the nation’s largest provider of C-PACE financing providing leadership and strategic vision for the firm’s investment and portfolio management strategy. She has raised over $1B of equity and debt for Greenworks’ C-PACE assets, including structuring the first-ever securitization of CPACE assets in 2017; and oversees a portfolio with best-in-industry performance. From the inception of Greenworks to the April 2021 acquisition by Nuveen, Ali served as CIO, COO and CFO, leading Greenworks’ expansion from one to over three dozen states, from 0 to over 400 individual assets, and from two to over 60 employees strong.

Prior to co-founding Greenworks in 2015, Ali oversaw and managed the development of over $100M in innovative financial products for deploying clean energy leveraging private capital in Connecticut at the Connecticut Green Bank, the nation’s first green bank.

Ali holds an MBA/MEM from Yale University and a BA from the University of Pennsylvania. For her work structuring the first ever Commercial PACE securitization, she received a 2017 Fairfield County CFO of the Year award, and for her work co-founding Greenworks, a 2019 Millennial of the Year award. She is a member of Entrepreneur’s Organization.

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