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About NWQ

NWQ seeks to provide superior risk-adjusted returns through an analyst-driven research process that focuses on undervalued companies that provide attractive risk/reward and potential for downside protection and that possess catalysts to help unlock their value.

The firm’s active approach to equity investing utilizes a corporate finance-oriented, cash flow-focused (as opposed to reported earnings) discipline that allows them to identify potential investments trading at attractive absolute valuations. Their approach to uncovering value emphasizes independent, original, bottom-up fundamental research. They seek to exploit disparities between investor perception and underlying fundamentals in the capital markets. Moreover, NWQ employs a conservative approach to risk-adjusted performance by remaining disciplined in their approach, while weighing downside risk. Overall, the firm’s conservative and disciplined approach helps to identify companies offering superior prospects, while selling at reasonable multiples.

Our philosophy

Collaborative culture
Seasoned investment professionals possess an ability to understand change and work together to identify catalysts to unlock value
Investment integrity
Adhere to the highest standards of discipline and service for our clients
Opportunistic approach
Research process seeks to capitalize on investor overreaction, misperception and short-term focus

Bottom-up, analyst-driven fundamental approach

The NWQ investment process focuses on three key tenets:
  • attractive valuations
  • favorable risk/reward
  • identifying catalysts and/or inflection points

Over three decades experience researching opportunities

assets under management1
21 years
average portfolio managers and research professionals experience1
investment professionals1
35 + years
experience offering equity and fixed income strategies2

Our strategies

  • Large Cap Value
  • Small Cap Value
  • Small/Mid Cap Value
  • Special Equity
  • Global Equity Income
  • Global Select
  • International Value
  • Japan Equity
Fixed Income
  • Core Fixed Income
  • Flexible Income
  • Flexible Fixed Income
  • Intermediate Fixed Income
Contact us
All investments involve risk and there is no assurance that an investment will provide positive performance over any period of time. There is no assurance that downside protection will be achieved. NWQ Investment Management Company, LLC ("NWQ") is a registered investment adviser and an affiliate of Nuveen, LLC.

1 As of 31 Dec 2020. Total may be rounded.
2 NWQ Investment Management Company, LLC was founded in 1982.
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