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Think Endowments and foundations Bridging the gap between hurdle rates and muted return expectations
For much of the past decade, the endowment and foundation community has expressed concerns about the challenge of meeting their spending requirements while maintaining funding levels in an environment of low yields and muted return expectations.
Alternatives Portfolio allocation in times of uncertainty
At Churchill’s Annual Investor Meeting last month, Nick Liolis, CIO of the TIAA General Account, was interviewed by Gillian Tett, the U.S. editor-in-chief of the Financial Times. Ms. Tett looked for insights on how a top tier, global, century-old institutional investor is thinking about putting $20-30 billion annually to work in a pandemic world.
Investment outlook Real estate 2021 outlook
We highlight five themes we believe will shape the real estate landscape in 2021 and beyond, resulting in significant changes to real estate portfolios.

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