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Nuveen fund

Asia Pacific cities


An Asia Pacific city-based real estate opportunity that seeks to deliver defensive stable income return, diversification, and capital growth.

Key features
  • Targets assets in Asia Pacific cities that we believe are best positioned for demographic and structural growth
  • Focuses on investments in office, retail, industrial/logistics and residential markets with structural performance drivers
  • Leverages our Asia Pacific on-the-ground local resources for transaction and asset management expertise

The stellar growth in Asia Pacific over the past decades has been concentrated on a few key core cities, many of which are already among the world’s biggest, most globally competitive and resilient. Many more cities will rise to the fore in the coming decade, providing investors with even greater opportunities to tap into Asia Pacific’s growing economic dominance.

— Louise Kavanagh, Managing Director, Real Estate, Hong Kong
Property portfolio


Why cities?

Our expertise
Our proprietary analysis of more than 4,000 cities has identified the top 2% of those cities that we believe are best positioned to benefit from global megatrends.
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