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Taft-Hartley Plans face a complex array of challenges from growing and managing assets to meet liabilities, to managing risk in a world of ongoing uncertainty. Nuveen’s Taft-Hartley team understands these unique challenges and offers comprehensive solutions to help meet long term investment goals. Our expertise combines the heritage of two 100-plus-year-old firms — TIAA and Nuveen — to provide clients with a full array of capabilities and solutions managed by dedicated specialist investment teams across all asset classes. Combining premier public and private investment management capabilities with deep and long-standing relationships, Nuveen provides solutions designed to help ensure that Taft-Hartley plans meet their long-term goals.
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Fixed income strategies for low and rising rates

  • Despite concern about rising rates, the more serious issue for
    institutional investors is historically low yields and the outlook
    for below-average fixed income returns in the future.
  • The eight-year bull market and benign credit environment
    have largely masked the risks of increasing equity exposure or
    relying on a broad U.S. bond market benchmark to meet
    expected rates of return.
  • Diversifying fixed income portfolios with “plus” sectors, such
    as emerging market debt and floating rate loans, and private
    strategies — middle market senior loans and mezzanine debt
    — can be a partial solution to low yields and rising rates.4
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1 As of 30 Sep 2020. Nuveen assets under management (AUM) is inclusive of underlying investment specialists. Totals may not equal 100% due to rounding.

2 Pensions & Investments, 28 May 2018. Rankings based on institutional tax- exempt assets under management as of 31 Dec 2017, reported by each responding asset manager.

3 ANREV/INREV/NCREIF Fund Manager Survey 2020. Survey illustrated rankings of 140 fund managers globally by AUM as at 31 Dec 2019.

4 Includes 285 real estate investment professionals, supported by over 250 Nuveen employees.