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Nuveen Announces Strategic Partnership with Project Destined to Grow the Next Generation of Industry Leaders

Education, mentorship and career guidance highlight partnership

Nuveen, a leading global investment manager with over $1 trillion of assets under management, announced today it has entered into a strategic partnership with Project Destined, a national social impact platform providing diverse students and military veterans interested in exploring real estate careers with critical industry fundamentals. By focusing on business education and skill development, the partnership will give high school students access to the experience and expertise of Nuveen’s real estate investment professionals as they examine pathways to careers in the field. The partnership begins with a six-week virtual internship for ten students at Comp Sci High in the Bronx, New York.

“At Nuveen, we understand the competitive advantage and benefits that come from employing an inclusive and diverse workforce, and an important part of our diversity, equality and inclusion strategy is looking ahead and building a pipeline for young people to enter this field,” said Nadir Settles, Managing Director at Nuveen. “Growing up in the Bronx, I’m proud to be involved in a partnership like this that will help us drive interest in the real estate sector among the next generation of this industry’s leaders. Our hope is that the program gets high school students excited about the tremendous opportunities that exist in this business.”

Since spring of 2020, more than 150 students have participated in Project Destined programs at Comp Sci High. Activities at the school include training in financial literacy, entrepreneurship and real estate. 

“We leverage a work-based learning approach where students work with executives to evaluate live deals in their community and compete in competitions where they earn scholarship stipends,” said Cedric Bobo, Founder of Project Destined. “Our goal is to help scholars emerge with the skills, confidence, experiences and networks that prepare them to secure a strong first job and to become stakeholders in their community.” 

Comp Sci High places a strong emphasis on hands-on, inquiry-based learning to help prepare students for college and long-term career success.

“We are founded on the belief that young people, here in the Bronx, have limitless talent, but limited opportunity, so we began working with Project Destined almost two years ago because they and their partners, like Nuveen, truly understand that dynamic,” said David Noah, Founding Principal of Comp Sci High. “This partnership gets to the very core of our school’s mission and does the real work of creating pathways to prosperity for our students and their communities.” 

About Project Destined

Project Destined is a leading social impact platform that provides training in financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and real estate. Project Destined partners with corporations, schools, and non-profits to deliver training using its proprietary e-learning platform and love courses. Project Destined leverages a work-based learning approach where students work with executives to evaluate live deals in their community and present them in a pitch competition to industry leaders. Scholars emerge with the skills, confidence, experiences, and networks that prepare them to secure a strong first job and become stakeholders in their community. For more information, please visit projectdestined.com.

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