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Henrique Americano de Freitas

  • Executive Vice President and CEO, Westchester Group of South America, Westchester Group Investment Management
Henrique Freitas

About Henrique

Henrique Americano de Freitas has 25 years of experience working in the Brazilian agribusiness where he has held various leadership positions in large companies.

Prior to his appointment at Westchester in February 2017, he worked for Minerva S/A, a leader in beef production in South America, heading the company’s export business, and for Louis Dreyfus Commodities for 19 years where he was most recently the head of the orange juice platform, managing 9,000 employees across Brazil and Europe.

Henrique has a degree in Agronomic Engineering from the University of São Paulo / ESALQ and a Master’s degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Missouri, as a Fulbright scholar.