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Santa Barbara Asset Management

Santa Barbara Asset Management

About Santa Barbara Asset Management

Santa Barbara Asset Management is a high conviction equity manager that applies a consistent approach to seeking superior risk-adjusted returns from long-term investment in quality companies with the fundamentals to sustain future dividend growth.

The firm provides investment advisory services in U.S., non-U.S. and global equity strategies.

A history of competitive total returns with lower volatility

30+ years
as a fundamentally driven growth investment firm
assets under management1
investment professionals2

Our philosophy

One team of research professionals that adheres to a disciplined, repeatable investment process
Total return strategy that looks beyond yield to evaluate dividend growth potential and risk

Investment beliefs
  1. Portfolio dividend growth rate greater than the index
    High quality companies with growing dividends offer the best risk-adjusted returns. Santa Barbara Asset Management capitalizes on dividend growth potential of newer dividend-paying companies and those expected to increase capital return to shareholders.
  2. Portfolio beta less than the index
    Risk controls are necessary to minimize volatility and provide a measure of downside risk mitigation. Santa Barbara Asset Management executes rigorous maintenance research, diversifying across sectors and constructing portfolios with lower-than-market beta.
  3. Portfolio yield equal to or greater than the index
    Dividends are a meaningful contributor to total return. Santa Barbara Asset Management diversifies portfolios across a wide range of dividend paying companies rather than overemphasizing higher yielding companies.
Infographic: Beta, Yield, Dividend growth
Santa Barbara seeks to outperform the index while experiencing less volatility and provide better downside risk mitigation through a broadly diversified portfolio that maintains high active share
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Santa Barbara Asset Management
Santa Barbara Asset Management
2029 Century Park East, Suite 1600, Los Angeles, CA, 90067
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1 As of 31 Dec 2020. Includes model assets of approximately $9.2 billion.
2 As of 31 Dec 2020.
3 Specialist Note: David A. Chalupnik and Evan F. Staples concurrently provide investment services for both Nuveen and Santa Barbara Asset Management.
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