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Inclusion by example

Investing in women is responsible investing

Women are underrepresented in asset management roles, and, the number of women in these roles is declining. Creating opportunities that drive gender equality is not just the right thing to do, it's responsible business. Responsible investing and engagement on issues of inclusion is in our DNA. Through five decades of focus on ESG factors, innovation, and investing in companies with diverse boards and employees, Nuveen is dedicated to creating better outcomes for investors and the planet while simultaneously seeking to change the face of the asset management industry.

In 2017, Nuveen established LEAD (leadership, education, advocacy and development) as an industry affinity organisation to lead the dialogue on gender diversity through networking opportunities, career sponsorships and growth for professional women in the asset management industry. We currently have 650+ members and continue to grow our community.
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Dimitrios N. Stathopoulos
Head of Americas Institutional Advisory Services
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