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Pricing as of: 4/28/2017
SymbolFund NameShare ClassNAV($)Change($)% ChangeFund #ProspectusFact Sheet
Municipal - National
FLAAXAll-American Municipal Bond A 11.41unchunch1167 View Document
NHMAXHigh Yield Municipal Bond A 16.81unchunch1168 View Document
NITAXInflation Protected Municipal Bond A 10.64unchunch2552 View Document
NMBAXIntermediate Duration Municipal Bond A 9.10unchunch1170 View Document
FLTDXLimited Term Municipal Bond A 10.940.010.0901171 View Document
NVHAXShort Duration High Yield Municipal Bond A 9.940.010.1001360 View Document
FSHAXShort Term Municipal Bond A 10.05unchunch1352 View Document
NSAOXStrategic Municipal Opportunities A View Document
Municipal - State
FAZTXArizona Municipal Bond A 10.670.010.0901172 View Document
NCHAXCalifornia High Yield Municipal Bond A 9.430.010.1101780 View Document
NUCAXCalifornia Intermediate Municipal Bond A 9.89unchunch7015 View Document
NCAAXCalifornia Municipal Bond A 11.07unchunch1173 View Document
FCOTXColorado Municipal Bond A 10.64unchunch1175 View Document
FCTTXConnecticut Municipal Bond A 10.540.010.1001176 View Document
FGATXGeorgia Municipal Bond A 10.74unchunch1178 View Document
FKSTXKansas Municipal Bond A 10.64unchunch1179 View Document
FKYTXKentucky Municipal Bond A 10.84unchunch1180 View Document
FTLAXLouisiana Municipal Bond A 11.03unchunch1181 View Document
NMDAXMaryland Municipal Bond A 10.610.010.0901182 View Document
NMAAXMassachusetts Municipal Bond A 10.03unchunch1183 View Document
FMITXMichigan Municipal Bond A 11.400.010.0901185 View Document
FAMAXMinnesota Intermediate Municipal Bond A 10.35unchunch6804 View Document
FJMNXMinnesota Municipal Bond A 11.570.010.0906484 View Document
FMOTXMissouri Municipal Bond A View Document
FNTAXNebraska Municipal Bond A 10.64unchunch1349 View Document
NNJAXNew Jersey Municipal Bond A 11.25unchunch1187 View Document
FNMTXNew Mexico Municipal Bond A 10.31unchunch1188 View Document
NNYAXNew York Municipal Bond A 10.93unchunch1189 View Document
FLNCXNorth Carolina Municipal Bond A 10.80unchunch1191 View Document
FOHTXOhio Municipal Bond A 11.41unchunch1192 View Document
FOTAXOregon Intermediate Municipal Bond A 10.20unchunch6779 View Document
FPNTXPennsylvania Municipal Bond A 10.82unchunch1193 View Document
FTNTXTennessee Municipal Bond A 11.730.010.0901194 View Document
FVATXVirginia Municipal Bond A 11.04unchunch1195 View Document
FWIAXWisconsin Municipal Bond A 10.48unchunch1196 View Document
Taxable Fixed Income
FAIIXCore Bond A 9.71unchunch776 View Document
FAFIXCore Plus Bond A 10.990.010.090773 View Document
FJSIXHigh Income Bond A 7.90unchunch6942 View Document
FAIPXInflation Protected Securities A View Document
FIGAXIntermediate Government Bond A 8.68unchunch1310 View Document
NWQAXNWQ Flexible Income A 21.910.030.1402434 View Document
NPSAXPreferred Securities A 17.42unchunch1966 View Document
FALTXShort Term Bond A 9.86unchunch6778 View Document
FCDDXStrategic Income A 10.640.010.0901345 View Document
NCOAXSymphony Credit Opportunities A 20.550.020.1002438 View Document
NFRAXSymphony Floating Rate Income A 19.85unchunch2557 View Document
NSYAXSymphony High Yield Bond A View Document
Global and International
NBQAXInternational Growth A 39.690.040.1002354 View Document
NGEAXNWQ Global All-Cap A 22.720.080.3502590 View Document
NQGAXNWQ Global Equity Income A 26.840.060.2201759 View Document
NAIGXNWQ International Value A View Document
NTJAXNWQ Japan A 27.890.140.5002370 View Document
NUGAXSanta Barbara Global Dividend Growth A View Document
NUIAXSanta Barbara International Dividend Growth A 25.740.040.1603041 View Document
NSIAXSymphony International Equity A View Document
FFEIXDividend Value A 14.850.070.4706759 View Document
NNGAXLarge Cap Value A 25.370.140.5501164 View Document
FASEXMid Cap Value A 38.890.220.5606786 View Document
NQCAXNWQ Large-Cap Value A 7.650.070.9101950 View Document
NQVAXNWQ Multi-Cap Value A View Document
NSCAXNWQ Small-Cap Value A 50.460.511.0001610 View Document
NSMAXNWQ Small/Mid-Cap Value A 34.110.320.9301954 View Document
FSCAXSmall Cap Value A 24.170.301.2306740 View Document
NSAGXGrowth A 27.540.070.2501788 View Document
NLAGXLarge Cap Growth A 28.820.070.2406827 View Document
FRGWXLarge Cap Growth Opportunities A View Document
FRSLXMid Cap Growth Opportunities A View Document
FRMPXSmall Cap Growth Opportunities A View Document
NCGAXSymphony Large-Cap Growth A 35.780.020.0601958 View Document
NWCAXWinslow Large-Cap Growth A 38.12unchunch2386 View Document
NCADXConcentrated Core A View Document
NCDAXCore Dividend A 26.390.090.3406835 View Document
NLACXLarge Cap Core A View Document
NLAPXLarge Cap Core Plus A 28.870.100.3506843 View Document
FLRAXLarge Cap Select A 24.890.100.4002605 View Document
NSBAXSanta Barbara Dividend Growth A 37.830.080.2101796 View Document
EMGRXSmall Cap Select A 9.620.101.0302459 View Document
NOPAXSymphony Low Volatility Equity A View Document
NCCAXSymphony Mid-Cap Core A 39.830.300.7501709 View Document
NSSAXSymphony Small Cap Core A 24.800.200.8006944 View Document
Real Assets
FGIAXGlobal Infrastructure A 10.760.010.0906725 View Document
NGVAXGresham Diversified Commodity Strategy A 11.570.070.6103045 View Document
NRIAXReal Asset Income A 23.730.040.1706732 View Document
FREAXReal Estate Securities A 21.790.190.860817 View Document
Asset Allocation
NMKAXMulti-Asset Income A 20.350.010.0504200 View Document
NMXAXMulti-Asset Income Tax-Aware A View Document
FAAGXStrategy Aggressive Growth Allocation A View Document
FSGNXStrategy Balanced Allocation A 10.31unchunch6826 View Document
FSFIXStrategy Conservative Allocation A 11.30unchunch6824 View Document
FSNAXStrategy Growth Allocation A 12.310.020.1606825 View Document
Alternative Strategies
NELAXEquity Long/Short A 37.450.060.1602350 View Document
NMAEXEquity Market Neutral A 22.65unchunch6847 View Document
NQLAXSymphony Dynamic Equity A 20.730.030.1506947 View Document

Data quoted represent past performance, which is no guarantee of future results. Investment returns and principal value will fluctuate so that when shares are redeemed, they may be worth more or less than their original cost. Current performance may be higher or lower than the data shown.

Net Asset Value (NAV) is the amount per share an investor would receive if they sold shares that day. Change refers to the increase or decrease in the fund's NAV from the previous trading day. % Change is the same, stated in terms of percent.

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