Understanding Closed-End Funds

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The Basics

2: Who invests in CEFS?

It's a reality facing millions of individuals, as an increasing need for greater cash flow clashes with the lower yields typical of many traditional income-oriented investments.

The question is, how do you close your income gap, boosting long-term income potential while maintaining a well-balanced, diversified portfolio?

For an ever-increasing number of investors, the answer is closed-end funds. The appeal of closed-end funds to income investors is in their potential for attractive monthly or quarterly distributions. They are designed for investors who want or need high cash flow, as part of a balanced income strategy. That strategy is illustrated by the diagram below.

Income pyramid

Where you are in your investing life cycle might affect the way you and your financial advisor select and combine Nuveen Closed-End Funds for your diversified income portfolio.

Next: Features of Closed-End Funds

All Nuveen Closed-End Funds are designed to deliver attractive cash-flow.

  • Some use strategies employing mainly investments generating income in a traditional tax or accounting sense: interest or dividends.
  • Some derive cash flow more from prudent regular distributions of the fund's expected growth or appreciation as well as income, through a "managed distribution" program.
  • Some funds employ a more even balance of income oriented investments and growth oriented instruments.

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