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Real estate

Doing well by doing good

Abigail Dean
Head of Strategic Insights, Nuveen Real Assets
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At this year’s 2022 PERE impact investing roundtable, Abigail Dean, Global Head of Strategic Insights, discusses with other participants the structuring and regulatory issues required in shaping the first generation of real estate impact funds.

For many real estate investors, gauging and improving the social and environmental impact of their investments has become a crucial part of their approach, particularly in the wake of the pandemic. However, as terms such as ‘impact’ and ‘ESG’ remain loosely defined in mainstream investing, effectively measuring the efficacy of these strategies can be problematic.

Consequently, the roundtable participants examine the challenges involved in defining impact, setting benchmarks for measurement and success and working with governments at local, national and international levels in tightly-controlled environments.

I hope impact investing will act as a kind of incubator for elements that will be rolled out across more mainstream strategies in future, because ultimately, every investment has the potential to deliver some positive impact.

Abigail Dean

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