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Private credit

Discover the unique opportunities in U.S. middle market senior loans

Randy Schwimmer
Co-Head of Senior Lending
Joe Lee
Principal, Underwriting and Portfolio Management, Senior Lending
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Private credit funds invested during or in the immediate aftermath of recessions have performed well on a historical basis.* Randy Schwimmer, Co-Head of Senior Lending at Nuveen’s private capital investment specialist, Churchill Asset Management and Joe Lee, Principal in the Underwriting & Portfolio Management, joined IPE to discuss how rising rates and economic uncertainty are affecting private credit and why they believe this sector offers compelling opportunities.

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*Private credit funds invested in during or in the immediate aftermath credit, limited liquidity, interest rate, currency, prepayment and extension, inflation, and risk of capital loss. Private equity and private debt investments, like alternative investments are not suitable for all investors given they are speculative, subject to substantial risks including the risks associated with limited liquidity, the potential use of leverage, potential short sales, concentrated investments and may involve complex tax structures and investment strategies.

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