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The Morningstar Fund Compare tool quickly evaluates different funds against one another. In addition to Nuveen funds, add any MF, CEF or ETF available from Morningstar. Important information and disclosures are included after you click Generate Report. Please ensure to enable pop-ups in your browser.
The Morningstar Portfolio Review tool compares and analyzes your portfolio holdings. In addition to Nuveen funds, add any MF, CEF or ETF available from Morningstar. Important information and disclosures are included after you click Generate Report. Please ensure to enable pop-ups in your browser.
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Fund Compare
Quickly evaluate different MFs, CEFs and ETFs against one another
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Portfolio Review
Generate a detailed analysis of your portfolio holdings including MFs, CEFs and ETFs
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Municipal Bond Ladder Tool
Learn how a laddered portfolio may perform in rising rate environments
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  • Historical distribution per share
  • Historical NAV per share

1 Weighted Average EBITDA: The weighted average metrics include all private debt investments for which fair value is determined by the Board of Trustees in conjunction with third-party valuation firms and excludes quoted assets. Amounts are weighted based on fair market value of each respective investment. Amounts were derived from the most recently available portfolio company financial statements, have not been independently reviewed by us, and may reflect a normalized or adjusted amount. Accordingly, we make no representation or warranty in respect of this information.

2 Average position size (committed par amount) is calculated as a percentage of contributed capital and total size of the credit facility.

3 Industry diversification based on Moody's industry breakdown. Measured as the fair value of investments for each category against the total fair value of all investments. Totals may not sum due to rounding.

4Annualized Distribution rate reflects the most recently declared monthly annualized distributions divided by the most recently reported net asset value. Distribution amounts and the frequency of distribution payments are subject to board approval and may change. Distributions are not guaranteed and may be suspended. Distributions have been and may in the future be funded through sources other than cash flow. We cannot guarantee that we will make distributions, and if we do, we may fund such distributions from sources other than cash flow from operations, including the sale of assets, borrowings, return of capital or offering proceeds, and although we generally expect to fund distributions from cash flow from operations, we have not established limits on the amounts we may pay from such other sources. Currently, 100% of inception-to-date distributions were funded from cash flows from operations. Distribution may also be funded in significant part, directly or indirectly, from temporary waivers or expense reimbursements borne by the Adviser or its affiliates, that may be subject to reimbursement to the Adviser or its affiliates. The repayment of any amounts owed to our affiliates will reduce future distributions to which you would otherwise be entitled.

5 The Fund began calculating monthly NAVs in January 2023.

6 Net Asset Value is calculated as total assets (i.e., investments at fair market value, cash, trade receivables and other assets)less total liabilities (i.e. drawn leverage, unsettled trade payables and other liabilities). NAV is calculated in accordance with the valuation guidelines approved by our board of trustees. For information on how we calculate NAV, see the "Determination of Net Asset Value" section of our prospectus.

Performance data shown represents past performance and does not predict or guarantee future results.

Returns shown are preliminary. Net total returns are calculated as the change in net asset value ("NAV") per share during the period, plus distributions per share (assuming dividends and distributions are reinvested) divided by the beginning NAV per share. Actual individual investor performance may differ from the aggregated share class performance. All returns shown assume reinvestment of distributions pursuant to Nuveen Churchill Private Capital Income Fund's (the "Fund") distribution reinvestment plan, are derived from unaudited financial information and are net of all expenses, including general and administrative expenses, transaction related expenses, management fees, incentive fees and share class specific fees, but exclude the impact of early repurchase deductions on the repurchase of shares that have been outstanding for less than one year. The returns have been prepared using unaudited data and valuations of the underlying investments in the Fund's portfolio, which are estimates of fair value and form the basis for the Fund's NAV. Valuations based upon unaudited reports from the underlying investments may be subject to later adjustments, may not correspond to realized value and may not accurately reflect the price at which assets could be liquidated. Class I does not charge any upfront selling commissions or dealer manager fees. Returns are annualized for periods longer than one year.

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