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The Morningstar Portfolio Review tool compares and analyzes your portfolio holdings. In addition to Nuveen funds, add any MF, CEF or ETF available from Morningstar. Important information and disclosures are included after you click Generate Report. Please ensure to enable pop-ups in your browser.
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Monthly performance

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Key Facts

All data is as of 29 February 2024 unless otherwise noted
total asset value
number of properties
leverage ratio
2023 ROC²

Portfolio Composition

Sector diversification

Direct property investments

Regional allocation

Asset allocation

Monthly NAV1

for transaction date 01 April 2024
Class T$11.90
Class S$11.76
Class D$11.92
Class I$11.88

Annualized distribution rate2, 3

Class T4.88%
Class S4.96%
Class D5.44%
Class I5.70%

Distributions are not indicative of profitability and may be paid from sources other than cash flow from operations, including the sale of assets, borrowings, and offering proceeds. Distribution payments are not guaranteed and may be modified at the program's discretion.

Managed Distribution: Historical distribution sources have included net investment income, realized gains and return of capital (ROC). See the prospectus for distribution estimates. These estimates may not match the final tax characterization (for the full year's distributions) contained in shareholders' 1099 DIV forms after the end of the year. You should not draw any conclusions about a REIT's past or future investment performance from its current distribution rate.

Total returns4

Inception Date1 monthYTD1 year3 years5 years10 yearsSince inception
Class T with max. 3.5% load01 Jan 2019-3.40%-3.51%-4.97%7.74%7.08%-7.44%
Class T with no sales load01 Jan 20190.10%-0.01%-1.48%9.02%8.06%-8.18%
Class S with max. 3.5% load01 Dec 2019-3.40%-3.51%-4.97%7.85%--7.08%
Class S with no sales load01 Dec 20190.10%0.00%-1.48%9.12%--7.97%
Class D with max. 1.5% load01 Jun 2018-1.35%-1.41%-2.41%9.06%8.32%-8.08%
Class D with no sales load01 Jun 20180.15%0.09%-0.90%9.60%8.64%-8.36%
Class I 01 May 20180.17%0.13%-0.64%9.91%8.93%-8.58%

Calendar year net returns

SHARE CLASS20192020202120222023
Class T with max. 3.5% load6.01%-0.80%22.21%3.29%-5.21%
Class T with no sales load9.81%2.78%26.58%6.99%-1.79%
Class S with max. 3.5% load – – -0.78%22.45%3.38%-5.21%
Class S with no sales load – – 2.80%26.82%7.09%-1.79%
Class D with max. 1.5% load8.75%1.81%25.24%6.00%-2.69%
Class D with no sales load10.38%3.36%27.12%7.60%-1.22%
Class I10.65%3.59%27.48%7.90%-0.95%
  • Monthly returns
  • Historical distribution per share
  • Historical NAV per share

Total asset value is measured as the gross asset value of real estate properties (based on fair value), the investment in our real estate-related securities measured at fair value, the equity investment in unconsolidated International Affiliated Funds (which includes the allocable share of the International Affiliated Funds' income and expense, realized gains and losses and unrealized appreciation or depreciation), any investments in commercial mortgage loans measured at fair value, plus cash and other assets, excluding restricted cash.

Number of properties includes directly owned properties including single family homes, and additional properties owned by the International Affiliated Funds in which we have made an investment.

Leased rate reflects directly-owned real estate property investments, excluding investments in single family housing and debt securities. Percentage leased is weighted by the total real estate asset value of all directly-owned real estate properties and includes all leased square footage as of the date indicated. Diversification of an investor's portfolio does not assure a profit or protect against loss in a declining market.

Leverage ratio is measured using, as the numerator, property-level and entity-level debt and as the denominator, the gross asset value of real estate assets (calculated using the greater of fair value and cost of gross real estate assets including investment in our securities portfolio, our loan portfolio, and our allocable share of investments in unconsolidated International Affiliated Funds), inclusive of property-level and entity-level debt, plus cash and other assets, excluding restricted cash. Leverage increases return volatility and magnifies the Fund's potential return and its risks; there is no guarantee a fund's leverage strategy will be successful.

1. NAV is calculated in accordance with the valuation guidelines approved by our board of directors. NAV is not a measure used under generally accepted accounting principles in the United States ("GAAP"), and you should not consider NAV to be equivalent to stockholders' equity or any other GAAP measure. For a full reconciliation of NAV to stockholders' equity and a discussion of the limitations and risks associated with our valuation methodology, please see the "Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operation - NAV Per Share" section of our annual and quarterly reports filed with the SEC, which are available at For information on how we calculate NAV, see the "Net Asset Value Calculation and Valuation Guidelines" section of our prospectus.

2. A portion of REIT ordinary income distributions may be tax deferred given the ability to characterize ordinary income as Return of Capital (ROC). ROC distributions reduce the stockholder's tax basis in the year the distribution is received, and generally defers taxes on that portion until the stockholder's stock is sold via redemption. Certain non-cash deductions, such as depreciation and amortization, lower the taxable income for REIT distributions. Investors should be aware that a REIT's ROC percentage may vary significantly in a given year and, as a result, the impact of the tax law and any related advantages may vary. Nuveen Securities, LLC is not a tax advisor Clients should consult their professional advisors before making any tax or investment decisions. This information should not replace a client's consultation with a professional advisor regarding their tax situation.

3. Distribution rate reflects the most recently approved monthly annualized distributions divided by the prior month’s net asset value. Distributions paid year-to-date through September 30, 2023 were covered 65% from GAAP cash flow from operations and 35% from debt and financing proceeds.

4. Performance data shown represents past performance and does not predict or guarantee future results. Investment returns and principal value will fluctuate so that shares redeemed may be worth more or less than their original cost. Current performance may be higher or lower than the performance shown. Total returns for a period of less than one year are cumulative. Returns without sales charges would be lower if the sales charges were included. Returns assume reinvestment of dividends and capital gains. Returns shown are preliminary. Net total returns are calculated by share class using the time weighted return formula and derived by dividing (1) the respective aggregate share class's monthly net operating income (after appreciation, fees and expenses) by (2) the share class's previous month's ending NAV plus the proceeds from share issuances for the current month. Actual individual investor performance may differ from the aggregated share class performance. Class T shares and Class S shares listed as (with sales load) reflect the returns after the maximum upfront selling commission and dealer manager fees of 3.5%. Class D shares listed as (with sales load) reflect the returns after the maximum upfront selling commission of 1.5%. Class T shares, Class S shares, and Class D shares listed as (no sales load) exclude up-front selling commissions and dealer manager fees. Returns are annualized for periods longer than one year. The returns have been prepared using unaudited data and valuations of the underlying investments in GCREIT's portfolio, which are estimates of fair value and form the basis for GCREIT's NAV. Valuations based upon unaudited reports from the underlying investments may be subject to later adjustments, may not correspond to realized value and may not accurately reflect the price at which assets could be liquidated.


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