Global cities strategy: Proprietary analysis identifying the top 2% of cities

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A philosophy focused on global cities

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Informed by over 85 years of real estate experience, our approach centers on three core beliefs:

  1. Global megatrends are key drivers of long-term real estate values.
  2. A cities-focused strategy can identify real estate locations best positioned for demographic and structural growth.
  3. Local expertise and ability to execute – together with global insights – are critical to portfolio implementation.

Where do we invest?

Our proprietary analysis of more than 4,000 cities has identified the top 2% of those cities that we believe are best positioned to benefit from global megatrends:

  • Urbanization 
  • Rising Middle Classes
  • Ageing Population
  • The rise of economic strength in the East
  • Technology

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Our global cities strategy invests in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Our dynamic allocation combines direct real estate with tactical allocations to listed REITs and real estate debt.

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1This is an allocation to publicly listed REIT securities, and as such they are liquid investment. These securities are holdings of the Nuveen Global Cities REIT, Inc., a non-listed REIT which offers limited liquidity as compared to other products, such as publicly listed REITs. Investors in Nuveen Global Cities REIT, Inc. are not receiving publicly listed shares. Allocation impacted by current market cycle and economic environment, local sourcing and existing portfolio. Note that target allocations are estimates and guidelines; actual portfolio composition may vary. The allocation above is reported based on GAV excluding cash. For international real estate exposure may be achieved via affiliated funds of the advisor. In this scenario, the GAV basis is gross of any leverage held at underlying European and Asia-Pacific fund level.