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Responsible Investing

The story of responsible investing

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RI Defined

Responsible investing...


  • Is a philosophy that incorporates ESG factors
  • Incorporates these factors into investment analysis, portfolio construction and monitoring across asset classes
  • Pursues the objectives: to enhance long-term performance, manage risk and align client values

Different names. Similar goals.

RI has become the globally recognized umbrella term for:


  • Ethical
  • Green
  • Mission-based
  • Social impact
  • Sustainable
  • Impact investing
  • Sustainable, responsible and impact
  • Socially responsible investing
  • Value-driven

Pursue competitive returns. Deliver positive social and environmental results.

Responsible investing (RI) is an expanding investment discipline that recognizes the importance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors across asset classes. Though RI goes by many different names, its approaches all share similar goals: better long-term performance and risk management while promoting positive outcomes in the world around us.

RI has moved into the mainstream as investors have begun to recognize that companies’ willingness to embrace ethical criteria is a hallmark of any well-run organization. Ignoring ESG factors in investing is ignoring important risks and opportunities that may have a material effect on performance. Over time, investors have begun to view RI as analogous and even superior to ‘conventional’ investing.

How RI is applied

Investors apply RI in a variety of ways across asset classes,

how RI_applied _The story of responsible investing

The broadening RI landscape

More investors around the world have begun using RI in an increasing variety of ways and demand for new approaches has increased at an impressive rate. With a commitment to RI that dates back five decades, we have played a key role in that growth.

A unique set of opportunities and risks

As more investors recognize its unique potential for attractive performance coupled with positive outcomes, RI principles have been accepted widely throughout the industry.

Info-graphic: 1 in 4 dollars under professional management in the US is aligned with and RI approach

Increased interest in RI

AUM in the US on the rise1
AUM_The story of responsible investing
Broad, public interest in responsible investing approaches is

Info-graphic: investor opinion statistics


Chart: Global interest, Global growth.<sup>3</sup>

The United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment4 is the world’s leading proponent of responsible investing. Launched in 2006, its global investor network has over 1,900 signatory firms and represents $81.7T in assets under management.5

Why responsible investing ... now.

As a globally recognized investment approach, RI is gaining momentum among all kinds of investors. The increasing interest reflects twin concerns with achieving competitive returns while considering an investment’s ESG ramifications. The industry has responded by refining and expanding RI capabilities in the marketplace, leading to the development of more, sophisticated RI data, tools and strategies.

The mind of an RI investor

RI isn’t just for socially conscious investors. Applying ESG criteria offers additional analysis during the security selection process. Today, investors apply RI approaches for a variety of reasons:

Info-graphic: some of the reasons that investors choose an RI approach
RI expectations are changing

Demand and evolving marketplace expectations are driving much of the growth in RI.
The primary reasons?

Info-graphic: primary reasons that demand and an evolving marketplace are driving much of the growth in RI

More than one way to apply RI

In recent years, RI has seen the introduction of new approaches as well as numerous refinements. Investors adopt RI for different reasons and many portfolios include multiple RI approaches. What they all seek to accomplish is the application of ESG factors to create better outcomes for investors, our communities and the planet.


Chart: Integration vs. engagement<sup>6</sup>

Assets in which ESG factors are used to make investment decisions overlap with those
involving shareholder engagement or active ownership.


Global interest. Global growth.<sup>3</sup>

Although RI began by emphasizing shareholder engagement, it has progressed to include other approaches, especially the systematic integration of ESG factors within portfolio management.

RI is in our DNA

Beginning with our engagement on product and social issues in the 1970s, we were an early and influential proponent of responsible investing. Our RI program offers a unifying RI framework across the firm that guides RI implementation in our daily activities. The framework maintains the firm’s RI philosophy and guidelines for integration in our investment decisions and products.


A history of investing by example

Portfolios with a purpose

Today Nuveen aims to apply RI principles across more than $988B in AUM, including over $650B committed to UN Principles for RI.8

With more than $21B under management in ESG-focused products, Nuveen is one of the largest US managers of portfolios that reflect ESG criteria explicitly.9

Info-graphic: Nuveen aims to apply RI principles across its portfolio

Unlock investment potential with Nuveen

At Nuveen, responsible investing is more than a philosophy; it is an essential part of our history and our future. We believe that three principles – ESG integration, engagement and impact – are critical to unlocking investment potential.
We Believe_3 RI principles _The story of responsible investing
We believe alignment to these principles can provide enduring benefits for our clients and communities.


  • Integrate ESG factors into our investment process across funds and asset classes.
  • Engage using our influence with companies and issuers to help them innovate and operate more effectively, and partnering with stakeholders to define and advance environmental, social, and governance best practices.
  • Impact by working to drive positive environmental and social outcomes through our investing practices.

Tomorrow's performance for tomorrow's world

At Nuveen, we apply all three principles in an overall business and portfolio management framework designed to deliver competitive performance.

How we do it:


  • By collaborating and sharing actionable insights with our investment professionals to facilitate better investing decisions
  • By meeting with company CEOs, senior management and boards of directors to produce measurable outcomes, collaborating with industry peers to set and follow standards, and influencing legislation, public policy and best practices
  • By investing in opportunities with measurable outcomes in public and private markets, such as affordable housing and low carbon; and by setting best practices for measuring investment outcomes to help clients understand, quantify and communicate the social and environmental impact of investment portfolios

More on responsible investing at Nuveen

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In 2014, TIAA and Nuveen came together to expand our capabilities across all investment types. Today, our customers fully benefit from our combined history of stability, retirement leadership and innovation.11
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11 Reference to financial stability does not apply to the investment products offered.

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An investment deemed consistent with applicable Environmental Social Governance (ESG) guidelines may forgo some market opportunities available to investments that don’t use ESG criteria.