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Responsible Investing

Seeking better outcomes for investors, our communities and the planet

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Summary Report 2019

Nuveen believes that responsible investing makes us a better investor.

Virtually all of our investments have a relevant social or environmental component to them. We do this not purely for altruism, but because it’s the best way to manage risk and deliver the strongest possible returns.

— Jose Minaya, CEO, Nuveen

RI is in our DNA

As both a diversified global asset manager and an asset owner, we have a multifaceted perspective on RI.

Over the past 50 years, this unique perspective has allowed us to deepen and evolve our investment-driven approach into an industry-leading RI practice. Today, we continue to build on this legacy and apply our RI principles across our $1.1 trillion in assets under management.1

5 decades

championing responsible investing (RI) at the portfolio level with a wide range of stakeholders

dedicated professionals who lead, connect and deepen RI activities across the firm

of the largest U.S. managers of ESG-focused fund assets2

Our RI principles

  • Handshake icon photo  Engagement: We use our tools as an investor to influence company policies and actions and partner with stakeholders across the market to establish and follow RI best practices.
  • opposite arrow icon ESG integration: We incorporate material environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into our investment processes using ESG data, research and technology.
  • multi-direction icon Impact: We measure, manage and drive positive environmental and social impact through our investing practices.

By the numbers

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* Part of firm’s overall ESG-focused AUM
1 As of 31 Dec 2019.
2 Nuveen is a top-10 manager among ESG mutual funds, ETFs and variable insurance managers based on rankings sourced from Morningstar Direct as of 31 Dec 2019.
3 As of 30 Sep 2019.
4 Nuveen defines impact investing according to the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) definition: Impact investments are investments made with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. https://thegiin.org/impact-investing/
5 Nuveen Real Estate.

Public Fixed Income Impact Reports: https://www.nuveen.com/making-a-global-impact

Risks and other important considerations
Mutual fund investing involves risk; principal loss is possible. There is no guarantee the Fund’s investment objectives will be achieved. The Fund will include only holdings deemed consistent with the applicable Environmental Social Governance (ESG) guidelines. As a result, the universe of investments available to the Fund will be more limited than other funds that do not apply such guidelines. ESG criteria risk is the risk that because the Fund’s ESG criteria exclude securities of certain issuers for nonfinancial reasons, the Fund may forgo some market opportunities available to funds that don’t use these criteria. Credit risk arises from an issuer’s ability to make interest and principal payments when due, as well as the prices of bonds declining when an issuer’s credit quality is expected to deteriorate. Interest rate risk occurs when interest rates rise causing bond prices to fall. The issuer of a debt security may be able to repay principal prior to the security’s maturity, known as prepayment (call) risk, because of an improvement in its credit quality or falling interest rates. In this event, this principal may have to be reinvested in securities with lower interest rates than the original securities, reducing the potential for income. Non-U.S. investments involve risks such as currency fluctuation, political and economic instability, lack of liquidity and differing legal and accounting standards. Investments in below investment grade or high yield securities are subject to liquidity risk and heightened credit risk. These and other risk considerations, such as active management, extension, issuer, illiquid investments, income volatility, and derivatives risk, are described in detail in the Fund’s prospectus.

Before investing, carefully consider fund investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. For this and other information that should be read carefully, please request a prospectus or summary prospectus from Nuveen at 800-752-8700.

The investment advisory services, strategies and expertise of TIAA Investments, a division of Nuveen, are provided by Teachers Advisors, LLC and TIAA-CREF Investment Management, LLC. Securities offered through Nuveen Securities, LCC, member FINRA and SIPC.