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Real estate research

Think: Asia Pacific - Integrating strategic research with applied expertise

Harry Tan
Head of Research, Real Estate, Asia Pacific
Beautiful View of Sydney

In our latest Asia Pacific research report, we explain how we try to integrate strategic research with applied, ground-up knowledge, to achieve a balanced portfolio with durable income and sustainable risk-adjusted portfolio returns.

Our investment philosophy is guided, first and foremost, by our global cities strategy. We believe it is the smart selection of global cities, that are considered secularly resilient and sustainable, from an economic and environmental perspective, that may help to underpin a robust real estate investment strategy over the long term, and in doing so, possibly deliver attractive, risk-adjusted portfolio returns to investors.

We use a proprietary research process to identify these top 2% of global cities, 17 of which are located in Asia Pacific. This methodical and balanced approach takes into account a wide range of characteristics: scale, transparency, stability and most importantly, structural megatrends, and helps to future-proof a portfolio for long-term relevance and growth.

Overlaying and complementing our cities strategy is a clear tactical understanding of market fundamentals, which will help to deliver alpha to a portfolio at different points of the cycle. This involves a broader appreciation of sector dynamics across the whole city, as well as a deep dive into sub-market conditions to supplement our house view of the broader economic and capital market environment.

We believe that with a strong grasp of the investable set and universe of potential opportunities available in each city, we can select the best assets in the most appropriate locations, to provide resilience and diversification across a core Asia Pacific real estate portfolio over time.

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