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Responsible Investing

Playing our part in tackling climate change

Thumbnail of world map featured in Nuveen's climate change video

At Nuveen, we are committed to investing in the future to create an enduring impact on our world.

For nearly five decades, we've been at the forefront of responsible investing. Addressing climate change is critical in our efforts to adding alpha and reducing risk in every asset class that takes the long view. For investors, climate change poses a range of risks, spanning asset classes and geographies, and intensifying the timeless tension between the desire for short-term gains and the responsibility to preserve long-term value.

We continue to give voice and act with a long-term perspective, not at the expense of near-term performance, but as an added emphasis on preparing carefully for tomorrow’s performance in tomorrow’s world.

Responsible investing at Nuveen

Expertise and legacy
Our RI leadership began with corporate engagement on anti-apartheid issues in the 1970s. Today, we are one of the largest RI managers.
Our commitment to ESG factors extends beyond traditional markets to include real assets.
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