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Responsible Investing

Investing in resilience

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Nuveen Private Markets Impact Investing Annual Report 2020


Our impact on people & planet

We’ve made a material step toward important social and environmental goals, like the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). And despite our progress, we’ve only just scratched the surface. There is so much more work to do, and we’re committed to demonstrating that our capital can be put to work to deliver meaningful impact for people and planet. 

A combined focus on both investment performance and advancement on issues relating to the UN SDGs is an important motivation for our investors.

—  Rekha Unnithan, Managing Director, Co-Head Impact Investing
Graphic showing 2019 Portfolio-level impact

A focus on climate change

We invest in climate change mitigation, support climate vulnerable populations, engage our portfolio companies to improve resource efficiency, and help our clients meet their climate and carbon goals.


A focus on ‘net impact’

Nuveen believes that all investments have the potential for both positive and negative impact — even impact investments. We strive to reflect that reality in what we measure and what we report, but it’s not always easy — especially when you lack good quality data. That’s why we’ve created the Net Impact Score — a management tool that helps investors understand and compare investments based on their net effects on people and planet, aligned with the UN SDGs.

Score investments on positive or negative alignment with the UN SDGs

Investments are scored for potential positive or negative alignment with each of the UN SDGs, gaining or losing points based on whether the impact is intentional (i.e., impact investing) or an externality (i.e., ESG integration). The sum of all SDG-scores is the investment’s Net Impact Score, and the portfolio-level score is the weighted average of all investments’ Net Impact Scores. Below is an example of Samunnati’s net impact score.

Graphic showing Samunnati’s Net Impact score

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1 "COVID, climate change and poverty: Avoiding the worst impacts," World Bank, February 2021.
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