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Real Estate Debt

Webinar replay: Defining Opportunity Sets in Real Estate Debt


What are the fundamental drivers of the different debt opportunity sets in the U.S. real estate market today? During this webinar, we examined a range of different strategies across a range of markets. The webinar was broken into three parts, each featuring a group of expert speakers.

Part 1: Defining Opportunities: The Case for Real Estate Debt
  • What are credit markets telling us about future opportunities in equity and debt spaces today?
  • What are key themes and trends related to interest rates and inflation?
  • Which property sectors are most/least desired and why?
  • What are the trends to watch related to defining attractive markets?
  • Why is real estate debt attractive at this point in the cycle?
Part 2: Defining Opportunities in Mezzanine & Subordinated Debt
  • Defining key fundamentals of mezzanine and subordinated debt.
  • How do managers differentiate and price various types of collateral-level risk?
  • What strategies and tools do managers have to manage risk?
  • What are return ranges for mezzanine and subordinated debt today?
  • What are the fundamental reasons for the growing opportunities in this part of the market?
Part 3: Defining Opportunities in Senior Debt in Private and Public Markets
  • What are the key trends in the first-mortgage market today for commercial and residential lending?
  • How is the first-mortgage market evolving, and how might lending structures change in the future?
  • Why are direct whole loan strategies attractive?
  • What is the current state of the CMBS market, and what is its outlook for the future?

Watch the webinar

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