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Driving an equitable transition to a low-carbon economy

Rekha Unnithan
Managing Director, Co-Head of Private Equity Impact Investing
David Haddad
Managing Director, Co-Head of Private Equity Impact Investing
Radhika Shroff
Managing Director, Private Equity Impact Investing
person working in industry

Rekha Unnithan and David Haddad, co-heads of private equity impact investing, and Radhika Shroff, managing director on Nuveen’s private equity impact team, were recently featured in PEI’s 2022 Impact Investing special report, where they discussed two of the most pressing issues impact investing is working to address: climate change and inequality. In the article, they explain how these challenges are exacerbated during periods of market disruption and why the two issues are closely interlinked.

Key themes discussed include

Download full article here

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