Think global: Identifying tomorrow’s world cities

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Alice Breheny, Global Head of Research, discusses why to invest in global cities now
The viability of a cities-based real estate strategy appears questionable in these challenging times. Our day-to-day activities in cities around the world have been altered in ways few of us would have imagined just a few months ago. The spread of the coronavirus, the disruption to our daily lives, and the toll on health and human life are alarming.

City life seems diminished amid restrictions on movement and travel. Despite this, we expect that over the medium to long term, the greater economic opportunities and the dynamism of the world’s cities will continue to make them attractive places to live and work.

Identifying resilient cities that will adapt and thrive amid structural change is at the heart of our global cities approach.

We discuss what the cities of tomorrow’s world could look like in our research report. We explore the effects of urbanisation, rising middle classes, generational shifts, digital drivers and sustainability.

From the hard facts of population density and GDP figures to the softer factors of culture and wellbeing, we look at how we can measure and assess a city’s resiliency.

We also explain why diversifying a portfolio is not as straightforward as many people think and why local execution is crucial to a global real estate investor’s success.
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Risk factors

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