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PERE U.S.: Roundtable 2019 

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U.S. real estate could appear to be a market on the edge if certain headlines are to be believed. Earlier this year, interest rates hit an 11-year high and seemed poised to keep rising; the country’s trade war with China roils on with no end in sight and political infighting has Washington mired in a debate over impeachment.

However, the scene on the ground is much less foreboding. The Federal Reserve cut interest rates twice during the summer and the economy remains unmoved by political uncertainty, with GDP growth continuing at 2-3 percent annually and unemployment steadily below 4 percent. The commercial property market, meanwhile, has enjoyed high occupancy rates, steady rent growth and return prospects that – while tempered compared with recent years – remain strong relative to other markets.
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Wendy Pryce
Wendy Pryce
Real Estate Product Specialist