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It isn’t business as usual. It’s investing by example.

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We believe that a single investment can ripple outward to create benefits far beyond the portfolios we manage. Nuveen is committed to helping investors of all types — from governments and sovereign wealth funds, to advisors and their clients — while also making positive, lasting contributions to the world we all share.


Persistent innovation powers success — for our clients and for us.

Most investment managers talk about their investment strategies. Nuveen believes it’s also important to talk about what our investments say about us and how they affect the communities we share. That’s because the right investments can create not only positive outcome for investors, but also for people everywhere by helping to improve quality of life, creating jobs and inspiring innovation that can lead to a better world.

Nuveen offers more than a century of experience managing fixed income assets and more than 120 years of experience in municipal bonds.



Delivering positive, risk-adjusted returns for clients is table stakes for a successful investment manager, but Nuveen defines success in other ways as well. Our success is inextricably rooted in making decisions that help clients of all types meet their unique investment goals, whether they are a global institution or government, a financial advisor or an individual retirement investor.

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Brightline: Bringing communities together through higher-speed rail service 


Diversity of thought is critical to success — whether it’s diversity of investment offerings, people or insights.

Just as we use diversification in our clients’ portfolios to manage risks and deliver returns, we believe we will succeed over the long term as a company by employing people with diverse backgrounds, experiences and viewpoints. Diversity is also a driver of success across our investment offerings, which include numerous strategies and the deep insights of our investment specialists.


Investing alongside our clients helps us stay aligned with their interests.

We believe that portfolios often perform best when a manager aligns its interests with those of its clients by “having skin in the game.” It’s why we often invest alongside our clients in the strategies we offer, and why we encourage others to do the same.

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Edinburgh St. James: Redeveloping an historic city center 

Responsible investing

Responsible investing principles provide enduring benefits for our clients and our communities.

Our top priorities remain growing and helping to protect our clients’ assets and helping them meet their unique goals. We believe responsible investing can contribute meaningfully to those goals.

Nuveen has five decades of experience in socially responsible investing and engagement with companies whose securities we invest in on behalf of our clients. We’re working every day to not only deliver attractive returns, but also create better capital that will underpin communities and economies around the world.

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Investment discipline that creates long-term value creation and long-term investment returns 
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1As of 31 Dec 2018, Nuveen assets under management (AUM) is inclusive of underlying affiliates.
2Pensions & Investments, 01 Oct 2018. Rankings based on institutional tax-exempt assets under management as of 30 Jun 2018 reported by each responding asset manager.
3ANREV/INREV/NCREIF Fund Manager Survey 2018; survey-illustrated rankings of 162 fund managers globally by AUM as of 31 Dec 2017.
All investments involve some degree of risk, including loss of principal.   There is no guarantee investment objectives will be met.
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