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Webinar replay: Optimizing outcomes with public and private real assets

James Colon
Portfolio Manager
Dimitrios N. Stathopoulos
Head of Americas Institutional Advisory Services
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Investing in real assets is often considered a trade-off between performance and liquidity, but it is much more complex and this perception diminishes the multiple roles real assets can play in a portfolio. It is important to understand the roles and benefits of real assets, as well as key considerations when selecting public versus private investments — like whether investors are being rewarded for the risk they are taking.

Watch as Nuveen experts present a customizable factor-based framework that reveals the sources of risks driving real asset returns. They explore the opportunities offered by real assets and reveal their research into the optimal approach for portfolio construction. Take aways:

  • A framework for a factor-based approach to portfolio construction
  • A deep dive into our factor exposure analysis across public and private real assets
  • A practical construction approach that reconciles optimal allocations with real life investment challenges
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Optimizing pension plan outcomes using public and private real assets
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