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Nuveen ARK Genomic Healthcare and Biotech Portfolio, 2Q 2016

Portfolio Holdings

Illumina, Inc. ILMNHealth Care6.48 %
athenahealth, Inc. ATHNHealth Care5.46 %
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc.ALNYHealth Care5.07 %
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.TMOHealth Care5.01 %
CerUnited States Corporation CERSHealth Care4.57 %
Foundation Medicine, Inc. FMIHealth Care4.53 %
NVIDIA CorporationNVDAInformation Technology4.44 %
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. REGNHealth Care3.96 %
Monsanto CompanyMONMaterials3.79 %
Novartis AGNVSHealth Care3.46 %
Biogen Inc. BIIBHealth Care3.38 %
Bristol-Myers Squibb CompanyBMYHealth Care3.27 %
Bluebird Bio, Inc. BLUEHealth Care3.01 %
Gilead Sciences, Inc. GILDHealth Care3.00 %
Medidata Solutions, Inc. MDSOHealth Care2.99 %
Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings LHHealth Care2.94 %
Mettler-Toledo International Inc. MTDHealth Care2.58 %
Agios Pharmaceuticals, Inc. AGIOHealth Care2.57 %
Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.IONSHealth Care2.54 %
Cepheid, Inc. CPHDHealth Care2.52 %
Celgene Corporation CELGHealth Care2.52 %
Kite Pharma, Inc. KITEHealth Care2.02 %
Incyte Corporation INCYHealth Care2.02 %
Five Prime Therapeutics, Inc. FPRXHealth Care2.01 %
Seres Therapeutics, Inc. MCRBHealth Care2.01 %
BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc. BMRNHealth Care1.99 %
Johnson & JohnsonJNJHealth Care1.95 %
NanoString Technologies Inc NSTGHealth Care1.52 %
Bayer AG BAYRYHealth Care1.51 %
Hortonworks Inc. HDPInformation Technology1.51 %
Amazon.com, Inc. AMZNConsumer Discretionary1.09 %
Juno Therapeutics, Inc. JUNOHealth Care1.01 %
Roche Holding AGRHHBYHealth Care1.00 %
Intrexon CorporationXONHealth Care1.00 %
Compugen Ltd. CGENHealth Care0.77 %
Veracyte, Inc. VCYTHealth Care0.50 %

Data used for the Portfolio Holdings and Portfolio Allocation Characteristics is from Bloomberg Finance L.P. Portfolio holdings are provided for informational purposes only and should not be deemed as a recommendation to buy or sell individual securities. Portfolio Holdings and Portfolio Allocation Characteristics are as of deposit day and are subject to change and may vary thereafter.

The style and capitalization characteristics are designed to help investors understand how they fit into an overall investment plan. Value, blend and growth are types of investment styles. Growth Investing generally seeks stocks that offer the potential for greater-than-average earnings growth, and may entail greater risk than value or blend investing. Value investing generally seeks stocks that may be sound investments but are temporarily out of favor in the marketplace, and may entail less risk than growth investing. A blend investment combines the two styles. Market capitalization is determined by the following criteria: Large Cap: Greater than $10 billion, Mid Cap: $2 billion-$10 billion, Small Cap: $250 million-$2 billion Micro Cap: Below $250 million.

This material is not intended to be a recommendation or investment advice, does not constitute a solicitation to buy or sell securities, and is not provided in a fiduciary capacity. The information provided does not take into account the specific objectives or circumstances of any particular investor, or suggest any specific course of action. Investment decisions should be made based on an investor’s objectives and circumstances and in consultation with his or her advisors.

Risk Considerations
Investing involves risk; principal loss is possible. This Trust is unmanaged and there is no guarantee that the Trust’s investment objectives will be achieved. There is no assurance that common stocks will make dividend payments. Dividends are paid only if declared by an issuer's board of directors and the amount of any dividend may vary over time. A portfolio concentrated in a single market sector may present more risk than a portfolio broadly diversified over several sectors. This Trust is concentrated in the healthcare sector. There are certain risks specific to healthcare companies such as governmental regulation and the risk that a product may never come to pass. Biotechnology companies are subject to government regulation and their valuation can often be based on the potential or actual performance of a limited number of products and can be greatly affected if such products proves to be unsafe, ineffective, or unprofitable. Companies in the pharmaceutical industry can be significantly affected by government approval of products and services, government regulation and reimbursement rates, product liability claims, patent expirations and protection and intense competition. Non-U.S. investments involve additional risks, including currency fluctuation, political and economic instability, lack of liquidity and differing legal and accounting standards. Stocks of small and mid-cap companies are often more volatile than those of larger companies as a result of several factors such as limited trading volumes, products or financial resources, management inexperience and less publicly available information. These and other risk considerations, such as various business, market, and investment risks are described in detail in the Trust’s prospectus.
Although this Trust’s life is approximately 15 months, the Trust’s strategy should be considered as part of a long-term investment strategy and investors should consider, in light of their particular financial situations, whether it may be appropriate to invest in successive trust portfolios, if available, subject to the applicable sales charges. There may be tax consequences associated with an investment from one series to the next unless units are purchased in an IRA or other qualified tax-deferred account. Investors should consult their tax advisor.
Nuveen Securities, LLC, a registered broker-dealer, serves as the Trust’s sponsor and Nuveen Fund Advisors, LLC serves as the Trust’s evaluator and supervisor. ARK Investment Management LLC (“ARK”) serves as the portfolio consultant responsible for recommending a portfolio of securities for the Trust and is not affiliated with the Trust’s sponsor or its evaluator and supervisor.

Trust Summary

Trust NameNuveen ARK Genomic Healthcare and Biotech Portfolio, 2Q 2016
Series Name2Q 2016
Trust SymbolAHB2Q16
Nasdaq SymbolNVAHBX
Trust StatusTerminated
Initial Offer Date06/22/2016
Termination Date09/21/2017
First Income Record Date12/10/2016
Distibution FrequencySemi-annually
Tax StructureRIC
Liquidation Price1$13.7595
Cash CUSIP67078G100
Reinvest CUSIP67078G118
Fee Cash CUSIP67078G126
Fee Reinvest CUSIP67078G134

1. Represents the value per unit that a unitholder would receive if the unitholder redeemed or sold units. This price is equal to the net asset value per unit plus any remaining organization costs and creation & development fee. This price reflects any remaining non-contingent deferred sales charges payable in connection with a liquidation of units.

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