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Large Cap Core Plus

The Nuveen Asset Management Large Cap Core Plus Strategy pursues its investment objective by establishing long and short positions in a diversified portfolio of equity securities. The portfolio will be 130% long and 30% short with a beta target of 1.0 to the Russell 1000 Index. Substantially all of the equity securities in which the Strategy takes long and short positions will be included in the Strategy’s benchmark index, the Russell 1000 Index, at the time the position is taken. The Strategy balances quantitative analysis with fundamental research in constructing the portfolio.

Portfolio At-a-Glance

Benchmark Russell 1000
Holdings Range Approximately 100 long / 100 short
Tracking Error Range 5% - 8%
Beta Range 1.0 versus Russell 1000
Target Alpha/Market Cycle 300 – 500 basis points
Investment Vehicles
  • Institutional Separate Account
  • Mutual Fund
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Investment Process

  • Ranks index constituents from most to least attractive
  • Fundamental and qualatative teams assign a rating from 1 (highest) to 5 (lowest) to each investment within the universe
  • Companies with lowest ranking (5) from either discipline are excluded from purchase list (and considered for short positions, where applicable)
  • Barra and proprietary portfolio optimizers determine risk / return factors through a systemic approach
  • Final portfolios are constructed through value-added analysis from portfolio managers and research teams

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