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A commitment to achieving investment excellence -- As part of their long-term goals, investors may require equity options ranging from more conservative to higher growth. Senior Portfolio Manager Bob Doll and the equity team combine fundamental research and quantitative analysis to build portfolios with different risk and return objectives.
Dividend Growth Companies Have Delivered in All Markets -- Companies with sustainable growing dividends have the potential to provide periodic cash flow regardless of the market environment. Exposure to equities that offer dividends may provide the best opportunity to mitigate risk and preserve capital. The Nuveen Santa Barbara Dividend Growth Fund (NSBRX) is a core equity investment that seeks high-quality, dividend-paying companies with the fundamentals to sustain future dividend growth. Subscribe
Featured funds rated 4 and 5 stars by Morningstar -- Mutual fund lineup across asset classes Subscribe
Reasons to Consider Dividend Growth Investing -- An uncertain market environment is the new normal — volatility and rising rates make investment decisions challenging. An allocation to companies that have sustainable and growing dividends may help: Buffer Against Market Volatility, Address the Risks of Rising Rates and Provide Exposure to Attractively Valued Opportunities. Subscribe
Santa Barbara: Dividend Growth Rates -- Portfolio holdings that have grown dividends through the current quarter, annual dividend growth rates, mutual fund top ten positions and a current quarter portfolio holding dividend growers example. Subscribe
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