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Earnings Growth Improves While Equities Tread Water

Robert C. Doll, CFA

The economy is experiencing a broad-based acceleration and earnings growth is improving. Both factors should provide tailwinds for equities.

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Live Event

Mid-Year Market Update:
Up, Down, or Sideways? Where do we go from here?

Participate in this BrightTALK event July 31st to hear Nuveen experts, Bob Doll and Tony Rodriguez, discuss questions on investors’ minds.

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Fixed Income Market

Fixed Income Market

Municipal Market:
The Recovery Continues

John V. Miller, CFA

We believe it will be hard to knock the high yield municipal bond market completely off track.

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Fixed Income Commentary: Fixed Income Eked Out Another Positive Week, Municipals Included

Several non-fundamental forces appear to be contributing to near-term Treasury rate movements.

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Puerto Rico Reaches Limit of its Willingness to Pay

Investors seeing relative safety in Puerto Rico’s GO bonds today may be viewing a mirage.

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Market Update with Bob Doll
July 2014

Bob Doll July Market Update

Robert C. Doll, CFA
Chief Equity Strategist

Bob discusses where he believes the equity markets may head.

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Symphony Credit Market Update

Gunther Stein

Gunther provides an update on today's dynamic high yield corporate credit market.

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Portfolio Manager Insights

John Miller, CFA
Co-Head of Fixed Income

John discusses the Nuveen Short Duration High Yield Municipal Bond Fund.

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Doug Baker, CFA
Head of Preferred Securities

Doug discusses the Nuveen Preferred Securities Fund.

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