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    2015 Ten Predictions from Bob Doll

    2015 Ten Predictions

    Mid-Year Update from Bob Doll

    Bob Doll, CFA, provides an update to his 2015 Ten Predictions and expects the economy, earnings and equities to improve.

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    TIAA-CREF Funds

    Now access greater investment choices and expanded areas of expertise across both Nuveen Investments and TIAA-CREF Funds.

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    Weekly Commentary: Equities Retreat, but Long-Term Prospects Should Improve

    Bob Doll, CFA

    Robert C. Doll, CFA

    Markets may be due for a period of consolidation, but we expect equities to outperform bonds and cash over the next twelve months.

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    Investment Strategies from
    Bob Doll and Team

    A range of investments designed for different
    investor needs, including mutual funds and unit
    investment trusts.

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    Weekly Fixed Income Update: Yield Curve Flattens as Commodity Prices Decline

    Commodity market weakness led to downward pressure on mid- to long-maturity yields.

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    The Municipal Market: Rate Stability Could
    Boost Performance

    John Miller, CFA

    John V. Miller, CFA

    We look to global factors to explain why the 30-year U.S. Treasury sold off so aggressively during the quarter.

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    Municipal Bond Investment Center

    Access more of the latest municipal market updates and tap into Nuveen’s expertise in this asset class.

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    Fixed Income Solutions Designed for Today’s Markets

    With low yields, the risk of rising rates and limited liquidity, fixed income investing has become more difficult. Nuveen offers solutions that may address investors’ needs.

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    Market Update with Bob Doll – July 2015

    Bob Doll July 2015 Market Update

    Robert C. Doll, CFA
    Chief Equity Strategist

    Bob discusses where he believes the equity markets may head.

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    John Miller: Positives Outweigh the Risks for Municipal Bonds

    John Miller: Positives Outweigh the Risks for Municipal Bonds

    John Miller, CFA

    John Miller discusses the current municipal bond market.

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    Portfolio Manager Insights

    Nuveen Strategic Income Fund: Investing in a Low-Yield Environment

    Tim Palmer, CFA
    Portfolio Manager

    Tim discusses the Nuveen Strategic Income Fund.

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    Asset Class Highlight: Preferred Securities

    Doug Baker, CFA
    Portfolio Manager

    Doug discusses the Nuveen Preferred Securities Fund.

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