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    Weekly Investment Commentary: Equity Losses Continue, but This Correction May Be Ending

    Robert C. Doll, CFA

    Volatility is likely to remain high and markets may test the bottoms seen last week, but we think the odds are better than not that this correction is coming to an end.

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    2014 Ten Predictions Quarterly Update

    A handful of our predictions remain too early to call, but most appear on the right track.

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    Investment Topics

    Focus on Income

    How are you managing key risks? Discover strategies for positioning your portfolio.

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    Case for Equities

    Is your portfolio out of balance? Equities can provide opportunities for growth in a diversified portfolio.

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    Fixed Income Market

    Fixed Income Solutions

    Designed for Income, Growth and Risk Management

    With low yields, the risk of rising rates and limited liquidity, fixed income investing has become more difficult. Nuveen offers solutions that may address investors’ needs.

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    Weekly Fixed Income Commentary: Market Volatility Drives U.S. Yields Lower

    Global demand for Treasuries pushed some yields down more than 10 bps prior to last Tuesday’s open.

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    Municipal Market:
    Steady Performance with Low Volatility

    John V. Miller, CFA

    We expect municipals to continue to be a resilient asset class with income-driven returns.

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    Municipal Bond Investment Center

    Access more of the latest municipal market updates and tap into Nuveen’s expertise in this asset class.

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    Market Update with Bob Doll
    October 2014

    Bob Doll October Market Update

    Robert C. Doll, CFA
    Chief Equity Strategist

    Bob discusses where he believes the equity markets may head.

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    Where to Find Value
    in the Muni Markets?

    Where to Find Value in the Muni Markets?

    John Miller, CFA
    Co-Head of Fixed Income

    John discusses why and where value can be found in the municipal markets.

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    Portfolio Manager Insights

    Nuveen Strategic Income Fund: Positioned for Today’s Markets

    Timothy Palmer, CFA
    Portfolio Manager

    Tim discusses the Nuveen Strategic Income Fund.

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    Doug Baker, CFA
    Head of Preferred Securities

    Doug discusses the Nuveen Preferred Securities Fund.

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